Families urged to bring in their own bottles in line with infection control rules

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 Families are being asked to bring their own bottles and formula milk into hospital to reduce the risk of infection among newborn babies.

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is advising parents-to-be that it will no longer be providing bottles or teats if they opt to bottle-feed their babies.

The change is being introduced to follow infection control guidance and to protect all infants on the wards at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital.

Janet Cairns, Head of Midwifery, said: “If parents opt to bottle feed their babies, we’re asking them to bring in small, prepared single-use feeds as we will no longer hold a stock of bottles, teats or formula milk in the hospital.

“Previously, we allowed families to decant milk into bottles but spilt milk was not being cleared up. This was causing contamination of the cupboards below and introducing the risk of potential infection issues.”

As well as ending the contamination of ward cupboard, the new rules will help new families by protecting privacy and dignity of everyone on the ward.

Janet Cairns said: “Having their own bottles of formula milk will stop mums and their birth partners having to move away from their babies to make up feeds, especially at night.

“It also means other families won’t be disturbed, improving the privacy and dignity for everyone on our wards.”