Emergency consultant helps parents understand fevers in their children

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Tis the season of coughs, snuffles and viruses so Hull’s emergency team have produced a handy guide if your child develops a high temperature over the next few weeks.

The 10 facts guide will be posted on Facebook and Twitter by Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust over the coming days to help parents determine the best course of action when their children become ill.

Dr Liz Herrieven, Emergency Consultant at Children’s A&E at Hull Royal, said: “It can be frightening when your child becomes ill and we understand you want to make sure they get the best possible treatment.

“But sometimes, keeping them at home and making sure they’re drinking plenty of fluid is the best course of action as most infections don’t require antibiotics.

“By producing this guide, we hope to help parents understand a bit more about fevers in children and to know when they need to seek urgent medical treatment.”