Bereavement midwife nominated by families wins prestigious national award

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A Hull midwife helping families through the agony of the death of their child has won a prestigious national award.

Specialist Bereavement Midwife Sue Cooper won the award from the Charlies-Angels-Centre Foundation after she was nominated by some of the families she has cared for when their babies have died.

Sue was appointed by Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in 2017 following support from SANDS charity and funding from Abbie’s Fund.

As well as her hard work and dedication in helping families whose children have died, Sue has also developed the bereavement service to ensure families in Hull and the East Riding get the best possible support.

At a regional and national level, she has developed links with the Yorkshire Clinical Network and has played a major role after the trust was chosen as a pilot site for the development of a National Bereavement Care pathway.

Lead Midwife Lorraine Cooper said: “The impact of bereavement of a woman’s emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing cannot be underestimated so having a bereavement midwife as a single point of access to women is crucial.

“Sue and the team ensure families who have lost a child have their needs met in a caring and compassionate and supports them right through to a follow-up appointment where they can discuss any concerns or questions they may have before they see the consultant.

“Sue has also worked closely with SANDS to train our staff to ensure they have the skills they need and her work in developing the bereavement service ensures a holistic and collaborative approach between various departments including gynaecology, neonatal intensive care, early pregnancy and pathology.

“On a more personal note Sue has provided individual care to women in labour and the postnatal period which has taken her long over her shifts on a regular basis. She has embraced the role and has such passion to ensure bereaved families receive the highest standard in care. “