Your chance to make a positive impact on hospital services

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With over a million patient contacts every year, it stands to reason that patients and the public will have a lot of experience and a lot to say about the way we do business. That’s why we at Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust are looking for more people to join our Patient and Public Council.

This group works closely with our Patient Experience Team to gather information, share opinion and work alongside hospital teams for the greater good. Its purpose is to make a positive impact on healthcare and to influence and improve patient experience in the health and social care setting.  We’re looking for people with bags of enthusiasm, and we’re keen to hear from people with  different backgrounds who have a diverse range of skills and experience to bring.

More details can be found below; if after reading this you feel you want to do more to help your local hospitals and the staff and patients within them, we’re hosting two open days on Wednesday 26th and Friday 28th June where you can meet the team and find out more. Alternatively, we can arrange for you to have an informal chat with a current member of our Patient and Public Council if you prefer. To arrange a visit or a conversation, please email or call 01482 674326.


In order to be an Ambassador for the Trust, and to promote public and patient involvement, we need someone who has:

An open and enquiring mind

An interest in the quality of the services provided by the Trust

A desire to contribute to and represent the local community

The ability to work with the group and to explore issues objectively.

Good communication skills.

The confidence to ask question, give opinions and constructive criticism and join in debates.

An ability to listen and make informed choices

The ability to work well with others


Patient Council members are expected to give a firm commitment to:

Attend all meetings.  These include monthly Patient Council meetings, Health Group Governance and Board meetings for your chosen Groups and other Committee meetings and service user meetings as they arise.  These meetings might be at Hull Royal Infirmary or Castle Hill Hospital and can be at a variety of times.

If unable to attend meetings, give apologies in good time and ensure to update on the progress of the group date by reading minutes.

Read papers prior to meetings and, if attendance is not possible, forward any comments to the chairperson.

Observe group etiquette – respecting other members’ views, not speaking over someone and respecting privacy and confidentiality of the matters discussed.

Write and submit relevant feedback from meetings where you represent the group.

Read draft documents and send constructive comments to the chairperson within the stated timescale.

Attend mandatory training.


Interested? Read the full 2019 Patient and Public Council Terms of Reference, then contact Louise Beedle, Head of Patient Experience, to find out more or arrange a visit.