Inspirational mum’s London Marathon Wish

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Forty-nine year old Jane Smith has always wanted to take part in the London Marathon.  She was due to take part in 2018, but after a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery she wasn’t fit enough to do so.  However, with a positive outlook and a firm belief that anything is possible if you try, she is now taking part in this year’s London Marathon on 28th April.

Jane is recovering from a total hip replacement, caused by incurable metastatic breast cancer “having a chomp at my bones” as Jane says, but sees the London Marathon as a major challenge for her.  Jane is on a mission to walk as much as possible of the 26.2 miles supported by friends Duncan and Michelle.

Through the WISHH charity, Jane wants to raise funds for the Macmillan Survivorship Programme (living with and beyond cancer) and the Macmillan Community Physiotherapy service too.  Jane would love to exceed her fundraising expectations to support other Macmillan teams, to benefit as many patients as possible.

Jane said, “Taking part in the London Marathon is something I have always wanted to do since I was 11 years old.  My little girl dream became a bucket list wish, and all the memories we make on the day will be amazing for my family and friends to recall in years to come.  I feel very lucky to be a part of the history of The London Marathon and to help raise funds for Macmillan teams that directly benefit patients.”

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