Here’s what to do if your baby starts choking

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Parents-to-be are being shown how to save their baby’s life if they start to choke.

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has produced a video to show parents how to react in the medical emergency, giving them a step-by-step guide on resuscitation and what they need to do if their baby chokes.

Trust resuscitation officer Iain Peutrell was filmed demonstrating how mums, dads, grandparents and anyone else involved in the baby’s care should react and the DVD  is shown at antenatal classes held by the trust’s birth education team.

Parents attending a special event at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital earlier this week as part of Baby Loss Awareness Week were also able to pick up life-saving tips during practical demonstrations.

Birth education co-ordinator Melanie Lee, who is part of the HEY Baby team, said: “Babies put objects in their mouth because it’s how they explore the world around them.

“But some of these small items such as marbles and beads can get stuck in their airway and cause choking.

“While it’s always best to keep these items out of the reach of small children, we know accidents do happen and it’s important that parents, grandparents and anyone involved in their care knows how to react in an emergency.

“Learning the skills to resuscitate your baby now can stop you panicking if you are ever faced with a real-life situation where every second counts.”