‘You feel like you are the only one they are caring for’: A patient’s experience of the Queen’s Centre

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Dad of two Gareth Rounding is first to say he’s a bit of a cynic. But ask him how he feels about the Queen’s Centre and the staff who looked after him and he cannot praise them enough.

Diagnosed with leukaemia in 2011, Mr Rounding, managing director at steel components manufacturer BW Industries in Carnaby, Bridlington, was admitted to the centre and it was to become his second home for the next year.

Even today, Mr Rounding, married to Debbie and father to Francesca and Joshua, still attends the outpatients clinic for regular check-ups as part of his aftercare to ensure he remains in good health.

Mr Rounding, 49, said: “I could not have wished for better treatment or care from everyone at the centre.

“From the consultants, doctors, nurses, cleaners, volunteers, clergy and even the maintenance team,  they all played their part be it medically related or just in the care and true affection the people had to see me and others recover.

“The aftercare is brilliant and is a credit to the wonderful people that offer so much while working under such difficult and traumatic circumstances. I tip my hat to each and every person involved in the process of making you feel like that you are the only one they are caring for.

“If you are in the unfortunate position of requiring treatment for cancer then you will be fortunate to receive your treatment at the Queen’s Centre.”