Basic Skills in Colonoscopy Feedback:

16/06/23 – “Extremely good experience from my point of view. Friendly and supportive environment. Adequate learning opportunities.”

14/08/23 – “It was an overall great experience.”

09/08/23 – “Very positive experience, with an adequate environment and dedicated trainers who understand the potential challenges during the different stages of learning. All the feedback provided was constructive and broken down in simple steps to ensure an effective learning, constructive and with a reason behind it, not given just for the sake of it. Trainers were very appreciative for a right attitude and will to learn, and are clearly used to teach different types of learners, even enjoy doing so in my own personal opinion.”

Training the TCT Trainers Feedback:

07/07/23 – “Very good course and actually above my expectations. Video links to the room would be very helpful. Some of the discussions were not done while everyone around, so I missed some. Also, pre-assigned presentations were not sent the day before the course which caused some time wasting and stress.”

12/07/23 – “- Good course, highlighting important aspects in teaching a practical skill. Good teaching on how to highlight specific objectives and to give feedback effectively.”

31/07/23 – “Great course due to the teachers. Thank you.”

Lower GI Polypectomy Skills Course Feedback:

12/05/23 – “The course was everything I was hoping for with invaluable teaching and mentoring. There were some many useful case discussions and skills sessions using an animal model.”

15/05/23 – “Great course and lovely instructors.”

Basic Skills in Upper GI Endoscopy Feedback:

25/06/23 – “Very well run course. Good balance of theoretical discussion and hands-on experience. Above expectations of practical skills on patients, with a good number of scopes available to each attendee with immediate directed feedback. Excellent course.”

07/07/23 – “The amount of theory used for training was just right. It wasn’t overloaded.”

19/07/23 – “Exceptional course and an even more exceptional faculty. Would have been good to see the OGDs done by other trainees, just as it was done at the colonoscopy course.”

20/07/23 – “Admin staff is efficient and friendly from the booking. The trainers are experienced and knowledgeable. Feedback is constructive. They were patient and did not put pressure on trainees. I think the faculty is amazing and I fully enjoyed the course.”

21/08/23 – “The training got me thinking critically and highlighted ethical and professional issues that I might encounter as a health professional. Plenty of learning materials to use for the practical.”

TGT Course Feedback:

23/05/23 – “This is a very well organised course. The staff and faculty are friendly and welcoming. Course content is well structured, high quality and encourages engagement and networking. I have enjoyed the course immensely and feel well placed to commence my training practice having completed it.”

08/06/23 – “The course was great and felt I gained so much from it.”

Upper Therapeutic Course Feedback:

15/05/23 – “The course was overall good, the models were creatively designed and the staff were very pleasant.”

11/07/23 – “It was a good course overall.”