Basic Skills in Upper GI Endoscopy – 3 Days

This is a hands on experience course using models and patients performing endoscopies supported by using lectures and discussions and videos.  It focuses on skills review and assessment with individualised learning outcomes and progression plans.  We use the GI Mentor simulator for training and case studies.

The course is suitable for Trainees beginning to learn diagnostic OGD and trainees wising to consolidate training for JAG submission  and those wising to update endoscopy practice and undergo assessment.

Basic Skills in Colonoscopy – 3 Days

This is a hands on experience course using models and patients to perform colonoscopies over 3 days.  It is supported by lectures discussions and micro teaching and videos.  We use the GI Mentor simulator for training and case studies.

This course is aimed for anyone who’s planned future career involves regular lower gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Training the Colonoscopy Trainers- 2 Days

This course is ideal for Consultants or final year Registrars who are involved in teaching and training colonoscopy.  We utilise new models of adult education focusing on colonoscopy training.  It is one day of small group discussions and followed by a full day of practice.

Training the Gastroscopy Trainers – 2 Days

This course is interactive and relies on delegate participation. There is a day of classroom/seminar and model based teaching aimed at developing a training framework to apply to endoscopic training. Seminars, model work and group teaching are used. Day 2 is used to apply the knowledge from Day 1 teaching in a clinical environment.   This course is aimed at  all  independent endoscopists who are involved in teaching and training in endoscopy. The course may also be suitable for senior accredited trainees that wish to further develop their teaching skills. This course is essential for those wishing to become faculty at endoscopy training centres or train on JAG courses. Individuals must be independent and competent in the skill they are intending to train in before applying for the relevant training the trainers course.

Introduction to EUS Training

This course will provide a combination of live demonstrations of a range of EUS cases, instruction and personal tuition on simulators, including an FNA simulator, instruction on image optimisation, and interactive seminars on pre-recorded EUS clips that will form the basis of discussion of image interpretation.

This course is aimed at Registrars already in training in and Consultants who want to train in EUS.

Basic Skills in EUS training – 3 days

This is a 3-day course for Higher Trainees wishing to gain/ improve their skills in EUS. This is an intensive, interactive, practical course covering the theoretical basis of performing a safe EUS and safe and effective peri-endoscopy management. The course includes a series of small group and one-to-one teaching sessions, videos, hands-on model work and supervised endoscopy. Each trainee will undertake EUS examinations under the supervision of expert trainers, which will be transmitted to other delegates using the latest A/V resources. The one-to-one teaching focuses on the development of individualised learning outcomes and plans to progress skills.
The course will be delivered using a combination of hands on with patients, simulators, live demonstrations and small group teaching.

PEG insertion Course – 1 day

This course will provide the essential background knowledge necessary to aid nurses with patient selection and preparation for PEG insertion. They will have the opportunity to insert a PEG on a pig-stomach model. Trouble-shooting and management of comment complications is also covered.   This course is aimed at Nurses who are currently assisting with PEG insertion or who wish to train for this role.

Lower GI Polypectomy Skills Course – 1 day

This is one-day intensive practical course using porcine models to perform endoscopic polypectomy. The course provides an overview and practical experience of how to perform safe and effective polypectomy. Hands on training will include practical polypectomy, tattooing, endoclip placement and endoscopic mucosal resection.  There is also instruction on lesion recognition, complications and diathermy etc.  This is an ideal course for anyone wishing to train in bowel scope for bowel cancer screening.

Application criteria/ Target audience

Trainees from medical, surgical or other relevant backgrounds learning to perform endoscopic polypectomy. Consultants wishing to up date their skills are also welcome. Potential delegates should have the scope handling skills and experience of at least 50 colonoscopies or flexible sigmoidoscopies. More experienced endoscopists are also welcome.

Basic Skills in Upper GI Therapeutic Endoscopy – 1 day

This is a one day intensive practical course using porcine models.  This will provide an opportunity for training in upper GI bleeding, variceal banding, clip application, dilatation, polypectomy, gluing,  EMR and PEG insertion.  This course is suitable for Trainees from medical, surgical or other relevant backgrounds, consultants wishing to update their skills are also welcome.  Trainees must be competent with upper gi endoscopy.  Applications from consultants wishing to update their skills  are also welcome.

YSE Endoscopy Nurse Training Day – 1 day

This course is a one day course aimed at nurses/HCA’s working in endoscopy.  This is a hands on training day using porcine models for life like training.  This course gives the necessary training and knowledge behind highly complex procedures in endoscopy including injection sclerotherapy, gastric varices, gluing, mucosal resections, stricture dilatation, setting up equipment for variceal banding, snare polypectomy, endoclip application.  This course is accredited by the RCN.

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