Endoscopy Nurse Training Day

A full day course, with a theory session and hands-on porcine models in a very friendly environment.

This course covers practical skills and provides the knowledge for safe practice for all nurses and HCAs working on an endoscopy unit. Our second video shows a training day that has trainees from the private sector which included HCAs, Nurses and ODPs.

The EYSE course is a hands on training day that uses porcine models for life like training. This course gives the necessary training and knowledge behind highly complex procedures in endoscopy, including:

  • Injection sclerotherapy
  • Gastric varices
  • Gluing
  • Setting up equipment for variceal banding
  • Snare polypectomy
  • Endoclip application

For further information or to book please contact:

Jacqueline Platts, EYSE Business Development Manager – Jacqueline.platts1@nhs.net

Jessica Carmichael, Education Assistant, Jessica.carmichael2@nhs.net