Acute Trust Drug and Therapeutic Committee

The Drug and Therapeutics Committee is responsible for maintaining the list of recommended medicines for Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.


Trust Formulary

  • Total Downloads: 4900
  • Uploaded: 7th February 2019
  • Updated: 7th February 2019

For further information or details of recent changes to Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust List of Recommended Medicines, please contact Simon Gaines, Senior Principal Pharmacist – Clinical Services (tel. 01482 675587,

Membership is made up of medical staff from secondary care and a General Practitioner, pharmacists from the acute trust, a pharmaceutical advisor, microbiology and nursing staff.

The Drug and Therapeutics Committee roles include:

  • To develop medicine policies
  • To ensure that medicines are used in an effective and evidence-based manner
  • To maintain a Trust-wide formulary
  • To ensure value for money in the use of medicines
  • To assess effectiveness and value of new drugs
  • To promote close alignment of drug usage with neighbouring Trusts and primary care

Chairman: Prof A. Morice
Professional Secretary: Mr Simon Gaines (Senior Principal Pharmacist, Clinical Services)