Contacting the chaplains

The simplest way to request a visit is to ask staff to call Chaplaincy.

The chaplains offer a 24-hour, 365-day service. The on-call chaplain does not stay on site overnight. But we are almost always able to be with a patient / family within an hour of receiving an out-of-hours call.

Urgent calls 

Call Switchboard (24 hrs.) – 01482 875875 and ask for the ‘on-call chaplain’.
We aim to respond to urgent call-outs within 1 hour.


Call the Hull Royal office: 01482 675966
or email

If no chaplain answers your call, please leave a message on the voice mail. We aim to respond to non-urgent calls within 2 working days.
Simple referrals can also be made through Lorenzo.

What do Healthcare Chaplains do?

Hull University Teaching Hospitals recognises pastoral, spiritual, and religious care as a significant part of giving care. This includes not only someone’s physical health, but also their social, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. The chaplains visit the wards regularly and are also available on-call throughout the night, when needed. People choose to speak to chaplains for many reasons. You do not have to be religious to ask for a visit. We are here to support patients, carers, and staff.

We support in a variety of ways including but not restricted to:

  • Respecting the faith, religion or non-religious world-view to which you subscribe
  • Sharing what gives you hope
  • Offering compassionate care
  • Discovering what helps you cope
  • Helping you find strength in uncertainty
  • Valuing what is important to you

We understand the relation between faith / belief, illness, and the emotional and mental conflicts that can happen. We seek to motivate and start meaningful use of each individual's beliefs and attitudes in helping with their difficulties.

Chaplains work with and alongside other health care professionals to give psycho-social-spiritual services for patients and their families. The chaplaincy team receives regular patient referrals from staff.

If you have a set faith / belief practice, we can support you to maintain this. Or we can arrange for someone from your faith / belief group to visit you.

There are quiet rooms available on each site which are open 24/7. They can be used for reflection and prayer without needing to book in.

Hull Royal Infirmary

Quiet Room - The Bluebell Suite in Alderson House is a temporary quiet room.
Chaplaincy Office - Just across the road from the main entrance to the Women's and Children's Hospital.

Castle Hill Hospital

Quite Room and Chaplaincy Office - just around the corner from Wilbur's Café, main entrance.
Quiet Room and Chaplaincy Office - just beyond the main reception area in the Queen's Centre. Go through the double doors, and turn right after the lifts.


The team at HUTH also give Chaplaincy support for patients attending City Health Care Partnership (CHCP) facilities.

Chaplains will also visit CHCP patients at home, by appointment. There is a process in place to help the team to receive urgent and non-urgent referrals – please call 01482 247111

Staff Support

This is a key part of Chaplaincy. The team will always make time to see you or your family. We are happy to listen and to show where to get more help if needed. Most of our work is to be there, give support, and to listen. We create a safe environment for you to talk in full confidence.

We are professionals working in health care and understand many of the pressures and demands you might be facing. We are interested in you, and we will really listen to you because we know it helps to talk. We won't bring any personal plan when we meet with you – except to help you! We won't push our personal faith or belief on you. We won't expect you to have any religious faith or formal belief. And we won't judge you.

Volunteering / Recruitment

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with the chaplaincy team or to work as a trust chaplain. We would be pleased to sit down and have a chat with you about what is needed. Please feel free to e-mail the Pastoral and Spiritual Care Department at