Hull Major Trauma Centre

Hull Major Trauma Centre Clinical Guidelines

National and local guidance on the following policies are utilised to guide practice:

Policy No. Name
G1 Emergency anaesthesia within the Emergency Department
G2 Emergency surgical airway (combined with G1)
G3 Resuscitative thoracotomy
G4 Abdominal injuries
G5 Open fractures
G6 Compartment syndrome
G7 Vascular injuries
G8 Penetrating cardiac injuries
G9 Severe pelvic fractures including urethral injury
G10 Chest drain insertion
G11 Analgesia for chest trauma and rib fractures
G12 Management of severe head injury
G13 Management of spinal injuries
G14 Trauma Triage Tool & Immediate Transfer Policy
G15 Pain Management Protocol for Adult Patients
G16 Pain Management Protocol for Children
G17 Protocol for Pre-hospital Administration of Tranexamic Acid for Adult
G18 Protocol for Application of Pelvic Binders
G19 Long Bone Fracture & Splinting (including compartment syndrome)
G20 Burns
G21 Trauma Team Activation
G22 Tertiary Survey
G23 CT Imaging
G24 Access to Rehabilitation Services
G25 Protocol for Patient Transfer from Specialist Medical Care to Rehabilitation Service
G26 Analgesia Guideline for Management of Acute Amputation
G28 Arrangements for Pelvic Fracture Cover
G29 Trauma Team Responsibilities