Consultant Surgeons

Medical Secretaries

Mr Alexander Cale
Mr Mobi Ahmad Chaudhry Susan Chamberlain - 01482 623256
Mr Michael Cowen
Mr Michael Gooseman Carla Blood
Mr Martin Jarvis Susan Chamberlain - 01482 623256
Professor Mahmoud Loubani Paula Price - 01482 623263
Mr Dumbor Ngaage Paula Price - 01482 623263
Mr Syed Qadri Susan Chamberlain - 01482 623256
Mr Vasileios Tentzeris Paula Price - 01482 623263
Mr David Zicho

Junior Doctors

  • 3 Foundation Year 2 doctors
  • 1 Core Surgical Trainee
  • 4 Trust Grade Registrars
  • 3 Higher Specialist Trainees in Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • 2 Cardiothoracic Research Fellows

Advanced Clinical Practitioners for Cardiothoracic Surgery

Jenny Rumsby and Karen Jarvis work predominantly on the cardiothoracic wards as part of the medical and nursing team. Please feel free to email with any queries or questions.

Lung Specialist Nurse

Ian Collins works as a Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist supporting patients undergoing surgical procedures to the chest for a known cancer or for patients where following surgery a cancer diagnosis may be made. He provides information about your illness and treatments. He also works with other hospitals and healthcare professionals involved in your care to ensure seamless care and support.

Tel. 01482 461630

Ward 26

Sister Louise Cocoran
Tel. 01482 461617

Junior Sister Kristy Costa
Tel. 01482 461612

Ward 27

Sister Leslie Rusling
Tel. 01482 461623

Junior Sister Kerry Bulliment
Tel. 01482 461621

Cardiothoracic Preadmission Team

We have 6 nurses who rotate through the cardiothoracic service.

Tel. 01482 623064

Cardiothoracic Lead Physiotherapist

Nicola Beaumont
Tel. 01482 875875
Bleep 039