On admission to the ward you will be seen by a member of the medical team or an advanced clinical practitioner who will perform a clinical history and examine you.

You will be visited by your surgeon or their registrar to discuss your surgery again and formalise your consent. This involves a discussion and signing the consent form. The consent process may include the need to mark your skin in preparation for the surgery the next day.

You will also be seen by an anaesthetist and a member of the nursing team.

Please eat and drink normally on the day of admission unless told otherwise.

Your medication

Please bring your current medication in with you. Your medication will be prescribed and locked in a drawer. You will be able to continue to give some medications yourself but only if you are able to do so which is not always possible after your operation.

The day of your operation

On the day of your operation you will be prepared 2 to 3 hours prior to leaving the ward. This preparation includes the need to clip the hairs on your chest and legs and shower.  The nursing staff will check you are prepared and have all the necessary documents using a checklist prior to you being given a premedication. Please do not clip or shave your skin prior to admission.

You will be collected from the ward by a member of the theatre team. The theatre is downstairs from the ward so you will be transported on a trolley or on your bed using the lift. Once in the theatre reception, your personal details and consent form will be checked again by the theatre team. From there you will be transported to the anaesthetic room whereby intravenous lines will be inserted and you will be put to sleep. Your surgeon will perform the planned operation.