Do you know someone who has done something amazing?

Maybe they’ve turned around a struggling service, made advances in clinical care which benefit patients and colleagues, or perhaps they’ve spent their life looking after others and it’s now time to say thanks in return?

We have...
awards up for grabs!

Nominate them for a Golden Hearts Award!

We know there are so many of you who go over and above in the course of your daily work, so what better way to recognise someone than with a Golden Hearts Award nomination?

With 13 awards up for grabs, you’re bound to know someone who could easily walk away with at least one or two.

When making your nomination, it’s important to include as much detail as possible to enable the judges to fully understand what’s great about the person or team you are putting forward.

Think about what exactly they did to solve a problem, the impact their enthusiasm or their commitment have on people around them, and give examples of when they have shown compassion, dedication or leadership.

Entries should be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 1500 words, but remember: it’s about quality, not quantity!

Entries must be received by midnight on 17th March 2023 to be entered into this year’s awards. A shortlist will then be made available in the Autumn, and our black tie Golden Hearts Awards ceremony will be held in July.

So if you know someone who fits the bill, don’t wait until the last minute…

Submit a nomination today

Please ensure you read the FAQs and Guidelines as well as the Categories and Criteria section first.

Nominate someone for a Golden Hearts Award today

The Golden Hearts Awards are funded through a combination of external sponsorship and the proceeds of the HEY Staff Lottery. If you would be interested in future Golden Hearts sponsorship opportunities, please email for further details.