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Are you having trouble with Pattie, our staff intranet?

Some common questions are below, but you may have a specific question you need to ask. To ask a question, click on the speech bubble at the bottom right of your screen or email

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into Pattie?

Your username is your 8-digit employee number (for HEY and honorary staff) or, if you’re a student, contractor or agency worker, it may be either your 12-digit Smartcard UUID or your email address, depending on what you were given as your username.

Your password is the first 3 letters of your forename, the first 3 letters of your surname, then your username again. All lowercase.

e.g. Pattie Pathologist, with an employee number of 12345678, would log in as 12345678 with the password patpat12345678.

I get a message saying my username or password is incorrect. What does this mean?

You might get this message for a number of reasons, such as:

  • You are typing in an incorrect username. (Double check it.)
  • You are typing in an incorrect password. (Are you sure you didn’t change your password from the default?)
  • You are not set up in Pattie yet. (Are you a new starter? It will take a few days before you’re in the system.)
  • You are not authorised to have access to Pattie. (Are you definitely a member of staff working at Hull Royal Infirmary or Castle Hill Hospital?)

I’m a new starter. When will I get access?

We aim to get you set up on Pattie within 72 hours of you being given your 8-digit ESR number.

I used to use Pattie before I left the Trust. I’ve just come back and my username and/or password is not working. What can I do?

You will have been given a new employee number when you returned to the Trust. This is your new Pattie username, and your old password will still work. This may include your old employee number, which can be a bit confusing, so you may wish to change it.

e.g. Pattie Pathologist, with an employee number of 12345678, was happily using Pattie with the password patpat12345678. She then flexi-retired, and came back with a new employee number of 87654321. Her new username is 87654321 but her old password patpat12345678 still works.

If none of the above answers your question, please get in touch using the speech bubble button at the bottom right of this screen. If we are unavailable, please leave a message.