The maternity unit at Women’s and Children’s Hospital is  committed to delivering maternity care of the highest possible standard to ensure every woman has a good birth, with the best possible experience and outcomes for the mother and her baby.

It is important that our practice and management is underpinned by good quality research.

There is a research midwife based in the unit who facilitates commercial, non-commercial and in-house studies.

Currently we are closely liaising with The University of Hull to look at women’s experiences of pregnancy and childbirth. Many of these studies aim to involve women in the design of the research as well as asking for their participation in the actual studies. It is hoped that this will help women feel more empowered and involved in their present and future care.

Other current interests are:

  • How to manage the delivery of larger babies
  • Emergency cerclage and its usefulness in preventing pre-term birth
  • Group B Streptococcus screening

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