‘Science for Patient Benefit’ underpins all research and development activities in the Hull University Teaching Hospitals Medical Physics Service.

Our Imaging Physics group has a number of projects investigating the physics of image quality and patient dose optimisation. This work has led directly to the improvement of patient care in the fields of digital imaging for chest, abdomen, pelvis and spine radiography, CT (including cone beam CT and 4D CT) and breast screening.

Our Radiotherapy Physics group are currently involved in a number of projects looking at the implementation of new and novel treatment techniques, including participation in national and international clinical trials.

Our Nuclear Medicine Physics group are leading projects investigating 4D PET clinical image quality and quantification, the use of PET/MRI fusion and Poisson sampling, and radioactive waste management.

We have published most of our work in respected peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as proffered and invited presentations at national conferences. 

Our current research interests include:

  • Optimisation of Digital Imaging for Chest abdomen, pelvis and spine radiography, CT (including cone beam CT and 4D CT) and breast screening
  • Radiotherapy Clinical Trials, including the use of virtual reality treatment machines
  • 4D PET clinical imaging for diagnosis
  • PET/MRI fusion
  • Collaboration projects and translational research with the local University and other NHS centres

For further information on our research or how to get involved please visit our hullrad Radiation Physics website or contact:

Dr. Craig Moore (Clinical Scientist, Medical Physicist and Radiation Protection Adviser) or Miss Jenny Marsden (Clinical Scientist, Medical Physicist Expert)
Medical Physics Service
Queen’s Centre
Castle Hill Hospital
Hu16 5JQ

Tel. 01482 461385 / 01482 461384
Email: office@hullrad.org.uk or jenny.marsden@hey.nhs.uk