Academic Oncology and Haematology

The Academic Oncology and Haematology Unit at Castle Hill Hospital has been established for 20 years.

In line with the NHS Research and Innovation Strategy, our aim is to secure ‘top 5’ national status with our Academic Oncology Research Unit as measured by CRN data.

With our proactive infrastructure and dedicated team of Principal Investigators, Research Nurses and Clinical Trial Assistants, we strive to deliver high quality, patient-focused care.

With an experienced team led by Senior Research Nurse Helen Bexhell, we are able to cover a wide range of cutting edge, complex drug trials that are helping to drive the development of novel cancer drugs treatments.

The unit aims to maintain a broad portfolio of studies allowing every patient the opportunity to participate in research.

The unit has highly established links with the Hull Medical School and the new Hull Health Trials Unit of the University of Hull is actively developing a portfolio of studies relevant for the local population.

Our current portfolio includes

  • Haematology: Led by Judith Hogg and Gemma Windass
  • Head and Neck: Led by Caroline Abernethy
  • Brain: Led by Laura Hart
  • Upper GI and Renal: Led by Paula O’Reilly
  • Pancreatic: Led by Magda Kolodziej
  • Colorectal: Led by Ceri Fuller
  • Breast and Gynae: Led by Claire Medici
  • Lung and Melanoma: Led by Lisa Nix