We recognise that visiting a person in hospital plays a vital part in helping their recovery. We encourage you to visit your family and friends but ask you to follow these simple rules to reduce the infection risks to patients and assist with their recovery.

If you want to contact the ward and ask for an update on your loved one’s condition please can one nominated person make the call and pass the information on to others.

We would ask that a maximum of two people visit a patient at any one time to help minimise the spread of infection and for the comfort of the patient and others on the ward.

If for any reason more than two people would like to visit at a time, you must arrange this in advance with the nurse in charge of the ward or unit.

Please arrange with friends and family to take turns if necessary. Do not feel that you must stay for all of the visiting time. Sometimes a quick visit and chat is all that is needed and it ensures that the patient can have enough time to rest and recover.

Please do not bring or send flowers to the hospital.

Children are welcome in most areas, however if you are planning to bring a child under 12, please check for any restrictions with the nurse in charge of the ward in advance of your visit.

If you are normally involved in helping to feed and care for your loved one at home and would like to be involved in their care whilst they are in hospital, please speak with the staff on the ward.