Stable Finger Fracture – Advice Sheet: Children

Patient Experience

  • Reference Number: HEY-482C/2020
  • Departments: Orthopaedics, Paediatrics
  • Last Updated: 18 May 2020

This advice sheet has been produced to give you information about a stable (undisplaced) finger fracture.  It is not meant to replace discussion between you and your child’s doctor.  If after reading it, you require further explanation please discuss this with the relevant person who has been caring for your child.

Your son/daughter has had a plaster tape neighbour strapping of the fingers applied today in the Fracture Clinic.  Your child must keep bending and extending their fingers for 5 minutes during every waking hour to avoid stiffness.  Injured fingers become stiff very quickly so it is very important to encourage your child to exercise their fingers by making a fist and opening it.

Today there was no rotational deformity in your child’s finger.  The Orthopaedic Surgeon your child saw has demonstrated rotational deformity to you.

Should rotational deformity occur you must contact the department to enable us to arrange for you to be seen at the next clinic to deal with the deformity.  Please telephone (01482) 674378 Monday to Friday during clinic hours 9am – 4.30pm.

The plaster tape neighbour strapping needs to be removed after 3 weeks or  _____ weeks from the day of application and your child’s fingers left free and your child must continue to move them.  If the tape becomes unclean, wet or falls off you can replace it with new tape, as demonstrated by the Fracture Clinic staff today.

Your child should avoid any contact sport i.e. football, rugby, hockey, netball etc. for a further 6 weeks.  Care should also be taken if riding bikes, scooters or using roller blades etc.  The long-term implication of the injury will have been explained to you.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.

Following your child’s appointment today, the doctor has discharged your son or daughter from clinic.  This means they will not have another appointment to see us.

If your child has any problems or further queries relating to this injury, please contact us during clinic hours 9.00am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Should you require further advice on the issues contained in this sheet, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic on telephone: (01482) 675181

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