Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust – Regional PINNT Support Group

  • Reference Number: HEY-700/2015
  • Departments: Gastroenterology, Nutrition Support
Charity number 1157655 officially registered as PINNT.


This leaflet has been produced to give you and your relatives’ information about a local support group for patients who receive artificial nutrition (Home Parenteral Nutrition and / or Home Intravenous Fluids). This is because the small bowel is not capable of absorbing enough food or fluids. This is called intestinal failure. It can be caused by a blockage in the intestine, a leak from a fistula, a short or damaged small bowel.

Who are we?

We are a friendly gathering of patients and relatives who formed a support group in October 2013. We have artificial Nutrition, either Parenteral Nutrition or Intravenous fluids at home. As a group we listen, provide support and practical advice when needed.

What to expect?

The group is run by the Nutrition Specialist Nurses. The atmosphere is relaxing and friendly. You are welcome to bring members of your family with you. They may also find it helpful to be involved.

Group aims:

  • Meet other patients and relatives.
  • Helpful “tips & advice”.
  • Good opportunity to talk through any concerns privately or in small groups.
  • Guest speakers are asked to attend. Listen to presentation chosen by us the patients. Join in arranged discussions.
  • Updates in practice around central line care and pumps.
  • Share holiday experiences and explore coping strategies.
  • Make suggestions and feedback about the service.

Is it for me?

Leaving hospital can make you feel quite anxious and you can sometimes feel isolated. Many patients find it is helpful to meet with other patients.

Some people want to be involved as much as possible about their condition, others prefer not to. You are welcome to attend any of our groups twice a year. For more information contact the Nutrition Specialist Nurses.

When / where?

Two groups are held each year June and October at the Castle Hill Site.
Invitations and a programme of events are sent out the previous month.
Come and have a drink, light snack and a chat. All are welcome.

Useful addresses and contact numbers


PO Box 3126, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 2XS

Nutrition Nurse Specialists

Monday to Friday (07:00am – 4:00pm)
Contact Mobile Number: 07827 937025