Patient who survived cancer four times thanks hospital staff for saving her life

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A woman who has survived cancer four times is thanking hospital staff who helped her recover from her ninth operation.

Carol Thor, 70, underwent life-saving surgery after she developed an abscess in her internal organs.

Now, Mrs Thor is thanking staff on Ward 60 at Hull Royal Infirmary as she hopes to continues her recovery into 2019.

She said: “I hear people grumbling and complaining all the time about this and that but I’m really grateful and appreciate everything that people do for me.

“Staff working in the ward were just so nice and caring and I want to thank them for everything they’ve done for me. The hospital saved my life and allowed me to keep going.”

Mrs Thor’s health problems began more than 30 years ago when she developed breast cancer at the age of 39.

Living in Bilton Grange with husband Richard, she has since developed cancer a further three times and has undergone a hysterectomy, treatment for skin cancer and problems with her bowel and bladder.

She suffered a perforated bowel six years ago and went to her GP surgery a few months ago after experiencing similar pain.

Given antibiotics, she was rushed to Hull’s A&E department days later when her pain intensified.

She was admitted to Hull Royal infirmary in September for further tests and doctors discovered she required emergency surgery and a colostomy to save her life because an abscess had developed in her bowel and bladder.

Mrs Thor, who has two sons Christopher and Robert, said: “I’ve been poorly for all these years but I’m just so grateful to everyone because I wouldn’t be here without them.

“This last time was horrendous and there were tears dripping down my face when they told me I’d need a colostomy. My husband and sons were upset and that was hard to take.

“Up till now, everything has been on the inside but this was on the outside and that was a bit hard for me but Mr Hunter, the surgeon, was absolutely wonderful.

“This operation saved my life and everyone treated me so nicely.”

Mrs Thor spent three weeks in hospital and returned recently to thank staff on Ward 60 for caring for her as she recovered from surgery.

She said: “It doesn’t matter what I have to go through because I’m just so grateful that I’ve got all this love and support.

“You’ve got to be positive about these things and I don’t let it hold me back.

“I love to go out with my husband, I see my fabulous friends twice a week and my sons are just wonderful so I just think aren’t I lucky to be here?”

Ward 60 on the sixth floor of Hull Royal Infirmary looks after emergency admissions when people have been rushed to Hull A&E or have been referred to hospital by their GP.

Patients include those with life-threatening conditions who require major bowel or abdominal surgery, those with abscesses and people who require plastic surgery after suffering traumatic injuries.

Jacqueline King, Senior Sister on Ward 60, said: “Lots of our patients come back to see us and we do get lots of praise but it makes such a difference to our staff every time people go to the trouble of saying thank you.

“To see Mrs Thor looking so well and absolutely buzzing after her first appointment at the clinic because everything is working out great  is just so rewarding.”