Hull patients to benefit from new technology in cataract surgery

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Hundreds of patients awaiting the removal of cataracts are set to benefit after Hull partnered with US eye health giant Bausch and Lomb to trial new laser technology.

Hull Eye Hospital has just taken delivery of the Victus 3rd Generation Femtosecond Laser Platform

Surgeons at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust will use the technology to operate on patients undergoing cataract removal surgery for the next month.

The laser emits pulses lasting one quadrillionth of a second, allowing incisions to be made with increased precision. The ultra-short pulses also assist the surgeon by breaking down the cataract into small pieces before the procedure to remove it begins.

Ophthalmic surgeon Colin Vize, Medical Director of the Family and Women’s Health Group, said: “We see around 5,000 patients every year for the removal of cataracts and they already benefit from a great service where we correct any problems with their vision at the same time.

“This trial means our patients can now benefit further because our team can use the latest technology during surgery.

“It’s great news for Hull and further underlines our reputation in delivering great care to our patients.”