Staff praised for helping man who collapses outside Hull Royal Infirmary

Two hospital workers have been praised for helping a man who collapsed on one of Hull’s busiest commuter routes as they headed into work.

Senior Patient Experience Officer Jackie Wileman and Maxine Buckingham, who works in access management, were walking towards Hull Royal Infirmary just after 7am to start their shifts when they saw the man staggering down Argyle Street.

Jackie, who has worked for Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust for 20 years, said: “He was holding onto the wall as he was going along and I knew there was something wrong.

“Just after that, he collapsed on the ground.”

Maxine, who joined the trust 14 years ago, ran to help Jackie with the man and dialled 999 while both women stayed with the man until an ambulance arrived.

Jackie said: “The man said he hadn’t been drinking or taking drugs but had fallen downstairs and banged his head. He told us he was trying to walk to the hospital for help.

“The ambulance arrived but didn’t see us because the road was busy with people at that time so it drove past us the first time. The man started to make his own way to A&E but the paramedic arrived and got him to sit down on a bench while he checked him over.”

The man was then taken to the hospital’s A&E where he was cared for by the trust’s emergency team while Jackie and Maxine made their way into work to begin their day jobs.

Jackie said: “You just know you can’t leave someone or keep on walking. He needed someone’s help and I wasn’t about to walk past.”

Maxine said: “The man was really upset and you can’t just walk past someone like that. I couldn’t bear to think of people not stopping to help if it was someone I loved so, of course, you have to stop and help.”

Both women were nominated for Moments of Magic recognition, where chief executive Chris Long thanks staff who go above and beyond their roles to help patients and teams.