Filled in a self-referral form recently? You need to know this

Communications TeamNews

People who submitted self-referral forms to the trust over the past few days are being asked to resubmit their forms.

Due to circumstances beyond the trust’s control, maternity self-referral forms, antenatal class booking forms and forms to make compliments, comments, concerns or complaints were not submitted to the trust between 5pm on Friday, June 15, and 2pm on Monday, June 18.

The trust took immediate steps to address and log the issue as soon as web staff became aware that forms had been blocked by an external service connected to its website.

If you think this may have affected you, please visit our website and complete the form again. The links are as follows:

Maternity Self-Referral Form:

Antenatal Class Booking Form:

Compliments, Comments, Concerns or Complaints Form:

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and have put measures into place to ensure this does not happen again.