Former nurses give back to help more patients

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A charity made up of former hospital staff has donated £7,000 of equipment to help patients undergoing heart surgery at Castle Hill Hospital.

The Needed Urgent Remedial Surgical Equipment (N.U.R.S.E) charity has donated a Philips Lumify portable ultrasound machine which generates detailed images of veins and arteries. This mobile device can be used in surgical theatres but can also be used directly on hospital wards by surgical care practitioners, sending high quality images back to help clinicians plan surgical procedures such as coronary artery bypass.

Sharon Campling, Theatres Manager at Castle Hill Hospital says:

“We’re incredibly grateful to the N.U.R.S.E charity for what is a really cutting-edge piece of equipment. The portability of this machine means we can carry out essential pre-surgical mapping of a patient’s veins and arteries while they are still on the ward, which is more convenient for the patient as it means they’re spending less time in theatre, and means less theatre time is taken up. Plus, while it will be mainly used by staff from our cardiothoracic theatres, it is versatile enough to be used across other areas and specialties too.”

“We carry out around 10 to 12 coronary artery bypasses each week which means, depending on our patient list, the Lumify be in use every day assisting with potentially lifesaving procedures.”

Since the N.U.R.S.E Charity was set up in the early 1980s (registered with the Charities Commission in 1991), members say they have raised more than £800,000 through fundraising events including the annual raft race on Beverley Beck, which take place next month. The monies raised have gone to support wards and departments across Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, purchasing equipment from potentially life-saving scanners down to fans to keep patients cool.

Jane Tattam, Chairperson of the N.U.R.S.E Charity says:

“After working in the NHS for over 40 years, I can appreciate how difficult it is to purchase or share resources, equipment which can aid a speedy, efficient and safe service during a patient’s time in hospital.

“We were only too happy to help the Cardiac Unit at Castle Hill Hospital when they requested our support in purchasing this cutting edge device which I believe is one of the first to be used in U.K. hospitals. Feedback from the staff is that they have already found the device an invaluable asset and we hope that it continues to benefit patients who have to undergo major surgical intervention.”

The annual Raft Race is being held in Beverley in aid of the N.U.R.S.E charity on Saturday 21st July. For more information, visit facebook and search for NURSE charity.