We expect you to attend! It is compulsory and time to attend is taken out of your study leave allowance. Your educational supervisors will be informed of your attendance at half-day release before each meeting they have with you and if your attendance is poor, it may affect your progression to the next stage of training, when you are reviewed by the ARCP panels. [See section on educational supervisors and ARCP].

We expect you to be on time. The sessions start promptly at 2pm and late attendance will be noted and acted on. If you are going to be late for a genuine clinical reason, then please let Ann or Mary know as soon as possible hyp-tr.gp.scheme@nhs.net and Mary.lenney@hey.nhs.uk. Likewise, if you are unable to attend because of night shifts/annual leave/sick leave etc then please either email them or telephone 604312 604332. If you are having persistent problems attending, or attending on time, because of the ward rota, for example, then please let one of the TPDs know. When in hospital posts, you should be allowed to attend and if this is not happening then further action may need to be taken.

We expect you to contribute. These sessions are for you to learn, and you learn best by doing the preparatory work and presenting it-not by a trainer showing you 75 slides that they have written. So when a trainer emails you and asks you want you would like to cover in the session, or asks you to write a presentation on something, we do expect you to do it.

We expect you to provide feedback. You will be given an evaluation form after every session and we do expect you to complete these. We do read them and try to make changes based on what people have said. We can’t do that if we don’t know what you want changing! The feedback forms are also a good way of providing feedback to your colleagues and the trainers about their presentation skills.