Throughout your training posts, you will have a clinical supervisor/trainer and an educational supervisor. Your clinical supervisor/trainer is the consultant or GP with whom you are working. If they are a GP, they are often called your trainer. Your educational supervisor will remain the same throughout your training posts. They will be an experienced GP trainer, though not your trainer. Their job is to assess your progress and learning at regular intervals and give feedback on your e-portfolio. They are also a source of support if you are having problems-either with the posts or personally.

ES meetings

It is your responsibility to organise your ES meetings. Without these meetings, you cannot progress to the next stage of training.

Your first educational supervision meeting is usually quite informal and should take place in late August/early September when you have joined the scheme.

The second meeting is more formal, and takes place before the 6 month posts finish in early February. This will normally be late December/early January. You should ensure that you have completed the following before this meeting, and any subsequent meetings:

  • Minimum number of WPBAs-your e-portfolio will change from red to green when you have done the minimum
  • Self-assessment
  • Your clinical supervisor’s report should be submitted
  • If you are in GP, your OOH should be done-ideally, all the required sessions should be done. If this has not been possible then the majority should have been done, and you should be able to provide confirmation of the dates of the remaining sessions you have booked.
  • Your e-portfolio should show good curriculum coverage, bearing in mind the target of 2 entries per week in hospital posts and 4 per week in GP posts

Your educational supervisor will review your progress in all the above areas and will also help you to identify any areas where more learning is required. They will complete the educational supervisor’s report, and grade your progress accordingly.

The third ES meeting will usually be held in May, prior to the ARCP panel meeting in June. If you are moving from an ST stage (e.g., from ST1 to ST2) then your ES report and your e-portfolio will also be reviewed by the ARCP panel (see the next section) to ensure that you are making satisfactory progress to safely be allowed to progress to the next stage of training.

It is important that you engage with the e-portfolio from day one, as your educational supervisor will be looking to see evidence of progression over the year. It is also important that you engage with the process of educational supervision and take on board any feedback you receive from your educational supervisor. They are here to help you at the end of the day, and do not want to see anyone exit the scheme without their CCT (certificate of completion of training). However, if satisfactory progress is not being made, and the panel is not happy with the trainee’s progress, training can be terminated.

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