This takes place when you are changing ST years-e.g., at the end of ST1 and also when you are leaving the scheme at the end of ST3.

There is a local panel, held in Hull, and a Deanery panel. If you are given a satisfactory outcome at our local panel, then you do not need to be reviewed by the Deanery panel.

Your e-portfolio and ES report will be reviewed by the local panel. The panel usually consists of:

  • A programme director
  • A member of the administrative team
  • Two clinical supervisors-this may be a GP trainer and a consultant, or two GP trainers
  • A lay person

They will have all received training in the ARCP process, and will have had access to your e-portfolios prior to the ARCP meeting. After reviewing your e-portfolio they will then discuss how happy they are with your progress and will grade you accordingly. You will not have to attend the local panel yourself.

All GP trainees where there is any doubt about the outcome are reviewed at the second stage central deanery panel. The trainee is told they will have a Deanery panel and they have the opportunity to submit evidence of mitigating circumstances prior to the panel. The decision for a face-to-face or e-Portfolio review is made on a case by case basis. Trainees must make themselves available if required.