Applications to the Golden Heart Awards are subject to the following terms and conditions. Please read these carefully before proceeding to the application form.

  • The final date for all nominations is midnight (at the end of) Friday 26th June 2020.
  • Nominations can be made online or you can write your nomination and send it to the Communications and Engagement Department, 1st Floor Alderson House, HRI. Written nominations should contain the same sections/headings as the online application form.
  • Entries cannot be accepted or amended after the entry deadline has passed.
  • No responsibility will be taken by the Golden Hearts Awards Team for IT issues/technical difficulties preventing submission of a nomination. Should there be any doubt as to whether a nomination has been submitted, the nominator should contact to request confirmation of receipt.
  • All nominations must meet the core criteria for each category.
  • The content of applications must be factually accurate to the best of the nominator’s knowledge.
  • Pens and thank you cards will only be issued if the nomination is over 250 words in length.
  • Where nominations are for teams, each member of the team and their role in the project or piece of work must be identified on the application form.
  • Some of the work involved in your entry must have been undertaken in 2019/2020.
  • You may not submit the same entry for more than one category.
  • Finalists and winners will be expected to participate in publicity for the awards and to help others learn from their work throughout the year.
  • Individuals and teams that are short-listed for an award will be expected to be photographed and filmed for promotional materials and the evening event.
  • Should any team or individual refuse to take part in any publicity for the awards, the team or individual will be asked to withdraw from the awards and their nomination will not be submitted for judging.
  • Should the judges determine an entry submitted for one category is of greater relevance to another category, they may re-categorise that entry.
  • If any entry does not fulfil the categories and criteria, or is generic in nature, the Golden Hearts Awards Team reserves the right to resubmit the entry as a Moment of Magic.
  • Entries may be edited by the Golden Hearts Awards Team to correct any erroneous administrative information.
  • All entries will be vetted and verified for accuracy by the Golden Heart Awards Team. Should it come to light that there are issues, whether ethical or factual, pertaining to any application, the team reserve the right to withdraw that application, whether that application has been short-listed as a finalist or not.
  • The contact details contained in entries will not be shared outside of the Trust unless permission is granted.
  • Entries will be assessed prior to judging to ensure they meet the minimum criteria. Those which do not will not be shortlisted for the judging panel.
  • The judging team will comprise: executive board member, non-executive board member, clinical representation, staff side and patient representation. The Golden Hearts Awards Team withholds the right to change the configuration and membership of the judging panel based on availability of panel members.
  • The decision of the judges is final.
  • Three entries will be short-listed for each category, with those short-listed invited to an evening awards ceremony in 2020. Where judges’ scores are close in any given category they reserve the right to shortlist more than three entries.
  • Shortlisted individuals will be allowed to bring a guest with them to the awards evening.
  • There will be a limit of five invitations per team for the evening awards ceremony. However, where teams require additional guests they may submit a request to the Golden Hearts Awards Team via and additional spaces will be granted once all RSVP’s have been received depending on the number of spaces available.
  • If individuals or teams are unable to attend the awards ceremony then they may appoint a deputy to attend and if appropriate, collect the award on their behalf.
  • Where nominations are shortlisted for the evening awards ceremony the nominator will be invited to the event. Only one nominator is allowed per submission. Additional tickets may be requested for colleagues that assisted with the nomination, but these cannot be guaranteed.
  • Where there are multiple nominations for one individual, team or project the Golden Hearts team may combine the nominations in order to maximise the chances of success in any given category. In this event only those nominations in excess of 250 words will receive an invitation with a maximum of five invitations issued. If more than five nominations are received in excess of 250 words the Golden Hearts team reserves the right to determine the best five nominations based on the quality of the submissions and allocate tickets accordingly. More tickets may be requested via and additional spaces will be granted at the discretion of the Golden Hearts team.

Staff Prize Draw Rules

  1. Nominators only are eligible for prizes.
  2. Nominations must be made between 8 June 2019 and 13 September 2020 to be eligible for prizes.
  3. Nominations must also contain a minimum of 250 words in the free text box to be eligible for entry into the prize draws.
  4. Multiple nominations from the same nominator for different individuals or teams are permitted as long as they meet the criteria above. The nominator will receive one prize draw entry per unique nomination.
  5. To determine the winners, GHA entry reference numbers will be drawn at random.
  6. Once a winning reference number has been drawn, it will be removed from all remaining weekly prize draws.
  7. Entries which do not win a prize will roll over into the following week’s draw until they either win a prize or the nomination period closes and the prize draws end, whichever comes sooner.
  8. The number of prizes available will increase throughout the remainder of the nomination period, as follows:
    • w/c 10 August – 2 prizes available
    • w/c 17 August – 4 prizes available
    • w/c 24 August – 6 prizes available
    •  w/c 31 August – 8 prizes available
    • w/c 7 September – 10 prizes available
  9. Prizes allocated to each nominator are final; they cannot be swapped or substituted.
  10. Where a nomination is submitted on behalf of multiple people or a team, the prize will be passed to a member of the nominating group and it is for the group to share or otherwise determine what to do with it. Multiple prizes will not be awarded.
  11. Prize draws will be held every Monday, and held retrospectively. For example the prize draw taking place on Monday 17 August will be to identify winners from submissions received up to and including Sunday 16 August. The final prize draw will take place on Monday 14 September 2020.
  12. Prize winners’ names will be published on Pattie within 2 days of each draw having taken place.
  13. Winners will also be notified by email within 2 days of the draw having taken place. Emails will be sent to the email address provided by the nominator on their award entry, and instructions provided on claiming prizes. Any prizes which remain unclaimed or uncollected within a month of email/Pattie notification will be forfeited and another winner drawn.
  14. Prizes must be collected from either Alderson House, HRI or from Castle Hill Hospital by appointment.
  15. Queries about the prize draws should be directed to