Judging Protocol

The Golden Hearts Awards Team strives every year to make the judging process as simple and fair as possible. This helps to ensure that the finalists and winners represent the talent and successes we have in our teams and individuals throughout the year at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

After the closing date all nominations are scored by the shortlisting team using a specific criteria, and a shortlist is created for each category. The nominations shortlisted then go through to the judging panel where the final decisions are made as to who the winners of each category are.

The judging panel is made up of the Trust Executive Team, representatives from each Health Group and Directorate, previous Golden Hearts Awards Winners, and patient representatives.

Judging Timeline

A breakdown of the official judging timeline:

  • Applications Open

    Late October: Official launch is Halloween (31st October).

  • Applications Reviewed Weekly

    October-February: Submissions (where required) are offered support to improve the quality of the application.

  • Applications Close

    Mid-February: Closing date is Valentine’s Day (14th February). Reading of all applications by the pre-judging team begins.

  • Pre-Judging

    Late February: All submissions are read independently by 2 members of the pre-judging team. Both team members score using category criteria. Top 5 scoring applications go forward to the formal judging panels.

  • Judging Panel and Staff Vote

    Early March: Formal judging panel are sent all Top 5 scoring applications in all categories except Outstanding Individuals, which are sorted into a Top 3 and go straight to the staff vote!

  • Winners Decided

    Late March: Each judge submits their Top 3 in order of 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions. Applications get 6 points for 1st Place, 3 points for 2nd Place, and 1 point for 3rd Place. Overall winners are decided by which application gets the most points based on these weightings.

Shortlisting Team

  • HR Business Partners
  • Communications Team
  • Organisational Development Team
  • Improvement Team
  • Corporate Nursing Team
  • Corporate Medical Team
  • Finance Team

Formal Judging Panel

Executive Team

  • Chief Executive
  • Chief Nurse
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer

Wider Organisation

  • Health Group Directors
  • Director of Workforce and OD
  • Director of Strategy and Partnerships
  • Previous Golden Hearts Winners


  • Patient Representatives
  • Partner Organisation Senior Leaders